Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Most UK companies have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. Sutton businesses support organisations and groups as part of their social responsability.

Sutton Chamber supports the following organisations:-

Local Businesses – Running events for business networking and workshops for management training

Young Enterprise – We help to recruit business advisors to assist school teams with their Business Enterprise and we support the Sutton & Merton YE Board with their annual YE Company program.

Sutton Fairtrade Committee – We help with organising events to promote awareness of Fairtrade in Sutton.

Sutton Community Fund – We help on a panel to allocate seed funding to local community groups.

District Business Partnerships – We are working with several district groups to help to build their business community.

Sutton Olympic & Paralympic Forum (SOPF) – We are working with a number of local businesses to promote the opportunity for Sutton businesses to benefit from this major world event. If you wish to contribute your ideas please email .

The Sutton Centre for Voluntry Services (SCVS) supports over 400 voluntary groups in Sutton. Frequently these groups need business advisors to help them expand or progress.

The Sutton Volunteer Center has a list of requirements which need support and allocates volunteers to meet these requirements.

If you would like to help build local a business, help with a voluntary group, help Young Enterprise or help us to build Sutton Chamber then please email your proposal and details to . Your contribution will be appreciated where ever and when ever you choose to help.